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the shallow end.

to keep my head above water.

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My name's Amanda. I'm 27.
I recently graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a degree in mass communication with an emphasis in broadcast journalism. I am currently a housewife [soon to be SAHM]. My wife, also named Amanda, received her master's degree at UCA May 2009 in Speech and Language Pathology and has since began her career as a speech pathologist and director at a rehabilitative nursing home.
We have been in a committed relationship for about five years and have been domestic partners for one year. We recently found out, after almost a year of TTC, that we're going to be parents! It is an overwhelming and amazing thing.
I will mostly document in this journal my experiences as a new lesbian wife living in Arkansas, and a soon-to-be nonbiological mother. We are pioneering uncharted waters in our community so every step is a journey in and of itself.